Since 1996, Habitat for Humanity Prince Edward Island has been changing lives.

The First HFH PEI Partner Family

Eric and Janet Dawson and their children Daniel and Jenelle were selected as the first family to receive a Habitat Home on Prince Edward Island.

"We would probably never have owned our own home," Janet Dawson said in a telephone interview for The Guardian back in 1999.

Meet the Martels

This young growing family came to Habitat for Humanity PEI so they could provide their children with a home and yard they can call their own.
The Martel’s consist of parents Yves and Shari and their children Sierra, Miajoy, Josiah, and Nadya.
Their friends suggested several times that the family should submit an application to Habitat for Humanity PEI since the family was quickly outgrowing their current residence. Due to the fact they were able to fulfill the social determinants of their children’s health, Yves and Shari felt they did not truly need housing assistance. However, due to a continual lack of space, the family decided to apply.
They were very excited upon learning the news they were approved and cannot wait until they can move into their forever home.

Meet the Bobo Family

Rosette Bobo is a single mother of three children, Meschack, Christel and Elda. Rosette has been residing in Prince Edward Island for the past five years where she has been working several jobs to provide for her family.
Rosette has developed and maintained a strong support system and has established a close friendship with other current partner families. She never imagined being in a position where she could secure a home for her children. Upon learning her application was approved she began crying tears of joy. Following the approval meeting, Rosette could be seen dancing in the parking lot. As a former refugee family in living Kenya for twelve years, the family is overwhelmed to become homeowners for the very first time.

Meet the Fays

Jocelyn Fay and her daughter Alexina are very excited to have been selected as a partner family for 2015. Their previous home had electrical issues and light fixtures that often didn't work. There are water problems and of course, as a result, mold. Her car had been broken into multiple times in their parking lot and she’s had people knocking on her door in the middle of the night.
Jocelyn wants to be a Habitat homeowner because she “wants a place to call her own”, somewhere to set down roots. She wants to be able to play outside with her daughter without fear and wants to live in a safe and decent home and neighborhood!
To Jocelyn and Alexina home is “your castle” and “a place you feel safe” Jocelyn is excited to see her luck change after going through hard times in her life and believes her approval as a Habitat Homeowner is a sign that her luck is finally changing!

Since 1996, Habitat for Humanity Prince Edward Island has helped 72 families build strength, stability, and self-reliance through affordable homeownership opportunities.

By shopping at our ReStore, donating, and volunteering with your local Habitat - you too can help more families in need of a hand up.