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Annual General Meeting

Our Future Harrington Families

In May 2023, we had the exciting opportunity to onboard our Partner Families for Harrington with their volunteer orientations and their first Education Module: Habitat 101.

These families will be embarking on their volunteer equity hour journey very soon. They had the opportunity to meet each other and gain confidence in starting this journey with one another.

Habitat PEI is so happy and thrilled to get this journey started with these families and can't wait to see what the future holds!

Volunteer of the Year Spotlight - Rick

Ever since Rick started volunteering with us, he has devoted so much time and energy to help us at our ReStore, and at our Affiliate office.
He brings new ideas to the table to help improve the communication of our mission and vision with the public.

Here are some words that our staff has used to describe Rick:
He is dedicated, he is hardworking, he has a positive attitude, he is helpful, he is friendly, he is talented, and he is a pleasure to have around.

All the staff at Habitat PEI consider Rick as so much more than just a volunteer. He is a valued member of our team. We cannot thank him enough for his incredible contributions to our organization.

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Did you know that it takes over 300 studs to build a Habitat home?

Help us create more affordable housing opportunities for PEI families by sponsoring a stud today!

$250 a stud! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Confirm your order and pay for your stud(s).
2. Get your team together to add your logo, sign, and decorate your stud(s).
3. Drop off your completed creations to Habitat PEI and we will use them to build homes across Prince Edward Island!

Stud Sponsor - Premier Island Homes

How cute is this!! A huge thank you to Premier Island Homes for your support and for sponsoring SIX studs for our Stud-A-Thon!!


Pictured is the owner of Premier Island Homes, children signing their names to two of the studs.

These great-looking studs will be displayed at our ReStore until eventually used in a local Habitat PEI Home!

If you are interested in supporting our Stud-A-Thon, reach out to Amanda at amanda@habitatpei.ca for more information.

#BuyaBoard #BuildaHouse #StudaThon #HabitatPEI

Stud Sponsor - OSL Cares

A huge thank you to OSL Retail Services for your support and for sponsoring 4 studs for our Stud-A-Thon!! Janet, from Walmart Wireless Charlottetown, gathered all of her manager colleagues from across Atlantic Canada, and they spent some time decorating two of the studs. She then had her team from Charlottetown decorate the other two.

Thank you, Janet, for sharing our mission with your colleagues and for encouraging them to get involved with Habitat for Humanity in their communities.

These beautiful studs will be displayed at our ReStore until eventually used in a local Habitat PEI Home

If you are interested in supporting our Stud-A-Thon, reach out to Amanda at amanda@habitatpei.ca for more information.

#BuyaBoard #BuildaHouse #StudaThon #HabitatPEI

Harrington Groundbreaking Ceremony

We celebrated our Groundbreaking Ceremony for Harrington, on April 28th 2023. We want to thank all of the people who came out to celebrate with us, including MP, Heath MacDonald and our Minister of Housing, Land and Communities, Rob Lantz.

Looking to get rid of your gently used furniture? Bring them to our Restore!

Every donation to our ReStore goes toward helping your community, as proceeds help fund Habitat for Humanity PEI. We all strive to one day have safe and affordable housing for all Islanders.

With our new online form, you can now request a pick-up online! Fill out the form by clicking the link below or clicking on our "ReStore" tab above. An associate will contact you after the submission.

Building Homes, Building Hope

Did you know that we have launched a very ambitious Capital Campaign?

We need your help to achieve our mission and frame the future for hard-working and dedicated members of our community. Together, we can make a significant difference in creating a world where everyone has a safe and quality place to live! Click to learn more.

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